Building of “ROOZOOKA”

VSS first come across bass tubes in the early 1990’s at a Squat party in Camberwell South London, Pumping out bass waves in all directions on a sound system called LSDiezel. The members consisted of ex members of The Mutoid Waste Company. That crew mounted 18″ drivers speakers directly on to the rear of a yellow gas pipe, in free air, with no containment at the back! Check out these photos below of peeps ‘avit it to the Diezels tubes (pretty sure photos below were taken in 1992 at the Castlemorten free festival)…..

Check out more in depth info on the Castlemorton Festival in 1992 and subsequent fallout in this article by the BBC….

Murray Adams who is our co-collaborator/conspirator and together we came up with a new idea for bass tubes! We were obviously influenced by the Deizels’ system and they managed to get out of them! We liked the simple design but wanted to go a step further and mount the tube on a kinetic air controlled sculpture based on a Kangaroo! We fixed the driver on the rear of the tube (via timber adapter rings) as before, but with a 200 Litre recycled Olive barrel at the rear to improve efficiency.

Joey in Roozooka pouch

We wanted to experiment with these tubes and had a bright idea of accentuating portions of low bass and especially the resonant frequency of the speaker driver.

We calculate the length of the tube by applying the formulae of sound in free air using the resonant frequency value of the driver. The resonant frequency of an 18″ Eminence KiloMax speaker is found from the Thiele Small Parameters to be 33Hz. Once this one complete wavelength is found in meteres, then it is divided that length by four.

From this we cut the length of the bass tube which is now a quarter wavelength. In this case it was approximately 2.65m long…

The inside of the black cylinder is braced to avoid excessive vibration and Dracron is applied/ lined to eliminate standing waves.

Once you have sourced a suitable rear enclosure and 30mm thick timber to cut joining 2 x rings. Firstly you cut oversized ring with a router. This is so that the tube ring can be bolted onto the tube. Pre-drill holes through timber and into the rim/collar of the rear circular barrel enclosure. Then, by turning the tube on its end and placing the second ring ontop of the tube to centralise it.

We did imagine the general shape of the sculpture prior to fabricating it. We actually came together in a real free flow way, we had the thought to suspend the bass tube off a overhead beam. In this way we could physically get the right height, in order to construct the upper body in steps up to the Bass Bazooka cradle.

In ROOZOOKA 1, materials wise, consists of primarily, recycled stainless steel pipe, salvaged from an old dairy farm. Fenders off old trucks, cutting blades off tractor tilling equipment, stainless rods found in the paddock and used for constructing head structures. New and old air rams and recycled solenoids values that operate both air and gas.

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